Does replacing anagram filling with inlays also require the removal of more tooth structure?

It depends. Once the amalgam has been removed and all caries excavated, a bonded inlay or onlay can be made with minimum additional tooth reduction, unfortunately when there are caries present you may have to remove some healthy tooth as well, your dentist will do his best to keep as much healthy structure as possible. Do not worry too much. Drmokbel@scdentalimplants. Com.
A little bit. Amalgam fillings are held into the tooth by placing undercuts in the tooth. To be able to place an inlay, those undercuts need to be removed to allow the inlay to be inserted and cemented properly.
Normally yes. Depending upon the type of filling material and if there are caries present, some additional tooth structure may have to be removed, conservatively if possible. If the enamel is weak around the old amalgam, that will be another consideration.
Maybe. The inlay will have to replace the part of the tooth that is occupied by the amalgam and will have to be strong and retentive. This might cause more tooth structure to be involved.

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When getting inlay or onlay placed in would the doctor shave ou only the filling that needs to be replaced or with some of the tooth structure too?

Inlay prep. Conservative tooth preparation and less complicated cavity design. The dentist will remove any decay and/or old filling materials only. Good choice and good luck.
Tooth preparation. When preparing a tooth for an conservative inlay or onlay the dentist will remove the decay and weakened tooth structure. This will leave sound tooth structure to bond the inlay or onlay to.
Yes. The straight answer, is yes you have to remove the old filling and shave off any decay around the cavity to reach a clean surface and remove additional tooth structure to properly design and fabricate the new piece. Hope this helps.