Which is more effective for dental prostheses, having a fixed bridge or partial denture?

Dental implants. The best replacements for missing teeth are dental implants & crowns. These feel and function in the most normal manner. Fixed bridgework is the next best while removable partial dentures are merely adequate.
Tooth Replacement. The best option to replace a missing tooth (or more than one missing teeth) is dental implant. The next best option is fixed bridge.
Varies.... This answer depends on several factors, including the number of teeth to be replaced, the condition of the adjacent teeth, among others. Fixed bridges tend to function more efficiently in general. I would visit your dentist for more specific answers.
Fixed bridge. The fixed bridge iwould resemble your natural dentition, a removable prosthesis requieres support for the gum, that make more difficult for the pt to get used to it.
Fixed. Fixed is generally preferable, if the support teeth are properly aligned and strong enough to support thr extra load. An implant would be best if possible.