What can cause ankle pain?

See an orthopaedist. There are a number of things that can cause pain in the ankles. These are very nonspecific symptoms. I recommend that someone pain pain that is not easily relieved by rest and otc medications be seen by an orthopedic surgeon for a definitive diagnosis. One in your area can be found at www. Aaos. Org.
Depends. There are too many sources of ankle to pain list here. The treatment and the ability to control it would depend on an accurate diagnosis and workup. See a foot and ankle specialist for the right plan.

Related Questions

What can cause ankle pain if you had no injury to it?

Tendinitis. It could be irritation of the muscles/tendons that help support the ankle. You should see a non-surgical sports medicine specialist.

What can cause ankle pain and knee pain on the right side of my body?

Get diagnosed first. There are a number of things that can cause swelling in the ankles and feet. This is a very nonspecific symptom. I recommend that someone swelling in these areas should be seen by orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon for a definitive diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be started. You can find one in your area at: www. Orthodoc. Aaos. Org/foot ankle.

What can cause knee and ankle joint pain?

Many types. Many types of arthritis. The most important questions are why you have joint pain; is it degenerative arthritis, or an inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis. A good exam, x-rays, and a few blood tests are in order!

What can cause ankle and foot pain?

Many things. You should describe in more detail what part of the foot, what the pain feels like, when it hurts etc to help us better help you..
Have it evaluated. Pain in foot and ankle could be due to trauma (fracture, tendon or ligamentous tear, arthritis), infection, inflammation, metabolic conditions (gout) musculoskeletal (bony over growth) or biomechanical abnormality, or neurologic conditions (neuropathy). A thorough history and physical exam and possibly laboratory and radiology exams could determine the cause. Have it evaluated by a professional.
Variety of things. It could be tendinitis, arthritis, alignment, among other things. See an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist for proper evaluation and treatment.