For bone metastases what are the benefits and costs of local infiltration of anesthetic over palliative radiation?

Talk to an expert. Radiation oncologists are experts in the treatment of bone metastases by radiation, and are the best doctors to answer this question for you. If pain is the chief problem, consult a pain specialist. Local infiltration with an anesthetic such as Lidocaine will provide only brief, temporary pain relief and is not a solution. The kind of cancer is important to know before treatment.

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For bone metastases what are the pros/cons of local anesthetic over palliative radiation?

? local anesthetic? Local anesthetic? Can you clarify. For isolated bone mets with pain or impending fracture radiation can be useful. Otherwise, bone mets can be treated with bisphosphonate (zometa) or Denosumab (xgeva).

How effective is radiation therapy on bone metastases?

Very. Radiation is the treatment of choice for bone mets its very effective palliative therapy for cancer with bone mets.
Very effective. There are many oncology therapies for treating bone metastases, but none are as effective as radiation therapy in both killing cancer cells and relieving pain. We can use a single high dose of treatment or multiple lower doses of treatment.

How good is radiation on bone metastases?

Depends. Depends on the primary tumor, you have to trust your oncologist on the right path.

How effective is radiation for bone metastases?

Good. Radiation therapy is quite effective in palliation of bone metastasis.
Depends. That largely depends on the type of cancer you have. I would strongly recommend a consultation with oncologist or a hematologist.