Ok my dentist took a panarox X-ray and told me that I have a cyst next to my lower right wisdom tooth. What can I do to treat it?

See a surgeon. Cysts need to be treated so that they will not further damage your bone. As they slowly expand, they can cause damage to nerves and teeth. Get this taken care of by an oral surgeon asap.
See oral surgeon. You dentist should have told you the options for the cyst. Contact your dentist and ask about your treatment options. They may include: 1) taking another pan x-ray in 6 months to check for growth or 2) referral to an oral surgeon to have the cyst removed. In my office, i rarely watch dental cysts - i usually refer for removal.
Oral surgeon. See the oral surgeon. They are the ones to provide the treatment as needed. You should get this evaluated. In most cases, they will remove the tooth and the lesion with it. Then the pathologist will tell them/you what it actually was. Very important to get this taken care of. Good for your dentist to take the pano and advise you of this.