With treated or untreated dental fluorosis. How effective are the treatment options for fluorosis?

Enamel fluorosis. . Enamel fluorosis can manifest itself as mild whitish spots, to more severe brown-yellowish pitting and staining of the teeth. The milder forms often times can be rubbed out via mild pastes that we apply to the teeth. Unforunately the more severe forms generally require a type of bonding or crown restoration.
Bleaching. The KOR system has shown some interesting bleaching results. You may be interested in researching the treatment.
Depends. Main question is what is the fluorosis causing. If it is a cosmetic issue, then treatments can range from teeth whitening to cosmetic veneers. If it is cavities it could mean fillings or crowns.
Talk. Talk to your Dentist. One approach is to bleach the affected areas to more closely approximate the color of surrounding tooth enamel. Another is to cover the affected areas with a veneer. A third is to remove the damaged enamel and replace with a tooth-colored restoration.