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I got four wisdom teeth extracted a week ago, on monday. On thursday, the doctor said that it's not a dry socket. Today, the pain has reached my ear and my jaw cracks on the same side. What should I do?

Evaluation. Dry socket is just one of the possible reasons for the discomfort. You could have discomfort from being open wide or the actual procedure which are all within normal limits. If you are still unsure or worried, then you should go back to the surgeon to have them evaluate to make sure you are healing.
Possibly TMJ issue. It sounds like you might have a TMJ issue developing from the stress of stretching open for your surgeries. You should go back to your dentist. In the meantime, use cold compresses to the joint area continue your Ibuprofen and stick with a very soft diet.
Multiple issues. It's not uncommon to have multiple issues going on at the same time. First you have the pain and discomfort of the surgery. Second, your jaw was open for a long time. Third, pain often radiates and refers to other areas. Plus you've got the stress of dealing with all of this. Soft diet, anti-inflammatory pain medication, rest and time should resolve the issues shortly. If not call your dentist.

I had all wisdom teeth extracted about 5 days ago, and its been swelling up for a few days. It hurts occasionally. It doesn't look like dry socket.

Swelling post-ext. If the swelling is subsiding each day, that sounds normal. If the swelling is increasing each day it might be infected. In any case, you should call the dentist who removed your teeth and let him\her know. You will probably be asked to come back to the office for an evaluation.

I had my two upper wisdom teeth extracted and one of them has a clot, it's been a lil over three days now and worried I might be getting dry socket?

Pain? Swelling? Any symptoms? If you're feeling fine then your wound (s) are most likely healing just fine. Dry socket complications are not that common, so don't loose any sleep. See your dentist if you are concerned.
Rare. Dry sockets are less common on the upper jaw. Usually a dry socket will see decreasing pain following the extraction for 2-3 days and then the pain intensifies. May have a foul taste and increased pain when lying down. See the dentist who did the extractions to treat the dry socket if that is the case.
It is possible. Pain, swelling or discomfort after 3-4 days could indicate a problem (e.g. dry socket). If you fear that something is not right then call your dentist for post-op evaluation.
Call the dentist who extracted. You should call the dentist who extracted your teeth You want to have a good blood clot in the socket so that would be normal Dry sockets usually occur when you don't get a good blood clot and is usually in mandibular teeth rather than the upper teeth and more frequent in smokers.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted last friday and I'm a smoker. I was wondering if i'd be ok to smoke and not get dry socket? Or a safe way to smoke

Wait a bit longer. Most cases of dry socket occur on the lower jaw and happen 3 to 5 days after an extraction. It has only been 3 days so give it a few more if you can. This might actually be a good opportunity for you to quit if you are thinking about it. There really is no safe way to smoke cigarettes, even if you haven't had oral surgery. However e-cigs may currently be the safest alternative.
Smoking and healing. The answer is you smoke at your own peril. It greatly impairs healing, and the postoperative course is often stormy, but self inflicted. Unfortunately, the concern over "dry socket" is overblown--patients come away thinking it as an infection, which it isn't, and mismanaging it with "new" antibiotics and pain pills is the primary reason it often persists far longer than necessary.