Please describe to me what is cerebral palsy global developmental delay.?

Gereralized neuro. Cerebral palsy is an acquired brain damage manifesting itself as abnormal motor development, spasticity or marked decrease in muscle tone. Global developmental delay indicates that all aspects of developmental aspects, language, motor, social areas.
CP and GDD. Cerebral palsy is a developmental disability that is described as a disorder affecting movement and posture due to injury or abnormal development of the immature brain. Global developmental delay refers to delayed development in all areas: language, gross motor, fine motor, social, adaptive skills. Some children with CP are initially noted to have global developmental delays.
Global delay. Many children with cerebral palsy have a delay in achieving their milestones, whether it be walking, talking, coordinated hand movements, etc. Sometimes this can also include more basic functions, like swallowing. The cases where all or almost all functions are included are considered globally delayed.

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Can cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and mental retardation coexist in a 6 y.O.?

Yes. All neurological problems are tips of the same iceberg, most types of brain problems have multiple manifestations, some are just more obvious than others.
2/3. Global developmental delay is a term used for younger children, replaced by intellectual disability, the newer term for mental retardation, at age 6 if criteria are met. 50% of childten with cerebral palsy have intellectual disability; 40% have epilepsy. Vision and hearing impairments are common, also.

Is there a new diagnosis of cerebral palsy with global developmental delay and mental retardation?

Just new terminology. The conditions you describe have been known for many decades. Europe has had specific centers dedicated to spastics for many years. There have been special clinics developed in the us for children with special needs - most due to conditions such as mental retardation and cerebral palsy. We are now using words that are less threatening such as global developmental delay and mrcp.
Terms that describe. "cp":the gamut of impaired motor function, posture and/or hand use with neurological abnormalities from many different causes of disturbances in brain development & function. "gdd":significant delays in language, cognition, & adaptive skills in children too young for valid iq testing. Intellectual disability: significant subaverage intellectual & adaptive function that adversely impacts education.

What is the difference between dyspraxia and global developmental delay?

See below. Dyspraxia: problems with movement & coordination. Aka "motor learning disability". Those with dyspraxia find it hard to carry out smooth & coordinated movements. It often comes with language problems, & a degree of difficulty with perception & thought. Dyspraxia does not affect a person's intelligence. Global dev. Delay is used to describe an overall delay in two or more major areas of development.

How can global developmental delay effect adolescense?

Mind-body mismatch. Global developmental delay describes behavior and thinking at an age less than the physical age. The physical body matures faster than the thinking and behavior. During adolescence and puberty this can become quit difficult to manage. However, with anticipation and good support, it can be managed quite nicely. Sexuality must be dealt with openly and honestly.
Immaturity. Developmental delays often lead to arrested development on social dimensions. Tracking levels of social judgment, friendships, dating, sexuality should indicate how safe and capable an individual is to manage some decisions independently.

What is global developmental delay disorder in a child?

Delays in all aspect. Global developmental delay is lagging in fine and gross motor skills, speech and language, problem solving and self help skills. Your pediatrician will screen for this at every well visit, and refer a child with any concerns for further evaluation and therapies.
Overall delay. Standardized tests like the differential abilities scales-ii that yield a general cognitive ability score and a special non-verbal composite test all developmental domains: cognition, receptive/ expressive communicatiion, social/adaptive and fine/ gross motor, plus how a child processes information presented verbally or visually. Gdd refers to significant overall delays in a child <6 years old.
Descriptive term. Defined 2 ways, not a diagnosis.1) 25% or > delays in 2 or > of these domains: gross/fine motor, speech/language, cognition, social/personal & activities of daily living (self-help/adaptive). 2) 25% or > delays in language & cognition (problem solving) with deficits in adaptive skills. Gdd only used till a child is old enough to obtain a valid iq, when intellectual disability can be diagnosed.

Are parents to blame for global developmental delay?

Very unlikely. In most cases of developmental delay parents are not directly or indirectly responsible. Exceptions might include substance abuse during pregnancy, head trauma from abuse or severe neglect leading to failure to thrive but these will have other associated findings not just developmental delay. It is best to speak with the provider to make sure a thorough evaluation is done.

Hi my daughter is diagnosed with having global developmental delay what can we do has parents to help her? She is now 12yrs and never had friend thank

See a pediatrician. First thing to do is get evaluated by her pediatrician. There are several causes for developmental delay- including endocrine, nutritional, systemic diseases, psychosocial etc. May need multidisciplinary approach-? Psychiatrist, social worker. It is better to do the evaluation as soon as possible as certain conditions may cause permanent damage if not treated early.
Full evaluations for. Genetic & other medical causes of intellectual disability (her diagnosis if her "gdd" persisted till school age) are done by developmental/behavioral pediatricians & pediatric neuropsychologists test cognitive & social/ adaptive abilities. An mdt eval was done by her school if she has an iep. They'll start "transition to adulthood" at 14. Diagnosis & prognosis drive needed funding & services.
Many social groups. There are many organizations which support social programs for handicapped individuals. I would start with your local association for retarded citizens.

Could you explain what is global developmental delay?

Broad features. An infant is born with the basic physical ability to control the muscles needed to feed, lift and turn the head some and while engage parents with visual recognition. As they move through childhood, they acquire new skills. Failing to do so in a single area like motor skills, would be labeled motor delay. Failing in many areas, including motor, speech and language and social skills would be global.

Could a child diagnosed with global developmental delay have autism?

Yes. "global developmental delay" is a general descriptive diagnosis that encompasses many different conditions. It means there are delays in all aspects of development (motor, social/ emotional, language/ communication, cognitive) and can be mild to severe. The cause is not always apparent, especially at a young age, and often cannot be determined. [continued in next post.].
Continued. Autism may be a cause of global developmental delay, but most often involves delays mainly in the language/communication and social/ emotional domains of development. Autism is not always an isolated diagnosis; it may a part of a more generalized condition. The cdc we site has information on development & autism. The autism link is: www. Cdc. Gov/ncbddd/autism/actearly.
Yes. A child with intellectual disability can also have autism. The lower the iq, the higher the chance of autistic behaviors. Children with autism can also have intellectual disability. The two categorical diagnoses may be caused by a single underlying neurodevelopmental disorder, so there are standards for medical evaluation that include thorough physical and neurological exams and genetic studies.