If I have glaucoma and blindness in one eye, is it still okay to have lasik surgery?

Probably not. Many doctors avoid elective eye surgery on monocular patients. Glaucoma is often bilateral condition and could develop later in your other eye. Increases your risks. In any event, it is a prudent idea for you to be wearing eye protection (glasses) most of the time to protect your only remaining eye.
Maybe. I am assuming that your seeing eye has no disease. If this is the case, then laser vision correction can be considered. The risk of surgery is small, but when the risk is on your only eye, it may be too high. Have a frank discussion with your ophthalmologist.
Not a good idea. Lasik in patients with severe glaucoma is not a good idea. It could cause vision loss due to increased pressure during flap formation and makes it more difficult to follow the glaucomatous changes.