When is it necessary to have surgery for my foot?

There's a balance. I tell my patients to envision a scale. On one side of the scale is your pain, how every step is torture and how your life sucks. On the other end of the scale is surgery, the risks, the pain, the disability. Only you know which way the scale is tilted. If your pain is stronger than the risks of surgery, you have your answer. Surgery should be the last resort. There are always conservative treatmn.
Daily problems. You can never get your original foot back with surgery, but if your feet are causing you to change your activities of daily living, or giving you pain on a daily basis, it's time to consider surgery.
Depends on problem. I.E if you have an infection you may need an incision and drainage. Often on the feet, surgery is elective and one can decide based on the amount of pain they have.
Depends on problem. If it is a structural problem such as bunions, hammertoes, etc, then it depends on symptoms. My rule-of-thumb: if it bothers you on a regular basis or limits your activity, then surgery is something to consider. Structural problems are usually progressive, means they won't get better, they will only get worse. Dr l.
Depends on the case. Urgent surgery is indicated when there is a severe infection such as a deep abscess, and compromised circulation in cases such as crush injuries. Surgery may also be indicated for displaced fractures which may be unstable and not reducible with attempted closed reduction. Elective surgery may be considered to improve pain and function following failed conservative management.
It depends. This depends on a number of factors, and includes age, health status, activity level, etc. Generally, if your current foot problem in unacceptable, and you have made reasonable effort in conservative treatment measures and they have not helped, it may be time to talk to your foot surgeon what procedures may benefit you. Good luck!