What would happen if you swallow watered down hydrogen peroxide?

Agree w Dr. Achong. What concentration? “Food grade” hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) contains 35% H2O2. It should not be taken internally (exception may be highly diluted H2O2). USP hydrogen is usually 3%. Ingestion of concentrated H2O2 can lead to venous or arterial gas embolism, distention of hollow viscus with rupture, & respiratory tract obstruction/ pulmonary aspiration. Laryngospasm, coma, convulsions, confusion,
Depends. It depends on the concentration. You probably will be ok but can get burning of the mouth, throat and esophagus. Sometimes the peroxide can cause scaring leading to strictures in the gastrointestinal tract. Consult your doctor if you are bringing up blood or having trouble eating solid or liquid food.