I have had a total nail avulsion on one toe and have been dressing it for about 2 months now. Is there anything unusual about this situation?

2 months. Is a long time to still be needing to dress this! you may have an infection or still have a piece of nail in there that's delaying or preventing healing. It might be time to get another opinion...
Yes, it should be . Healed. You stated a total nail, that means the entire nail was removed. Was this done with or without any chemicals? If without, it should of been healed by week 2, if with it can take a little longer. It is possible you have an infection and need antibiotics (orally). If you were given, it is possible you have a resistant bacteria like mrsa. Another possibility is a left over nail spicule.
Yes shoud heal. After 8 weeks of non healing it unusual! see your podiatrist concerns about diabetes, or poor circulation.