Can an acquired aortic stenosis be passed onto the next generation?

No. There are bicuspid aortic valves that have a familial propensity, and those can become stenotic over time. That is one circumstance.
By definition no. By definition, "acquired" aortic stenosis is something you got other than from your genes. That said, many genetic factors can put you more at risk of having this over a lifetime. Also, some people (incl mds) don't use the term correctly. Furthermore, our tests are not always great at being able to see an (inheritable) bicuspid aortic valve, and thus mistakenly classify it as "acquired.".

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Can an aquired aortic stenosis become congenital in the next generations?

Very unlikely. If it is acquired, it is usually b/c of poor lifestyle choices. However if you are 34 and have been diagnosed w/as, this is unusual, as as takes many yrs of poor lifestyle choices to acquire. You may want to check with your dr to be sure your diagnosis is correct.If u r asking b/c an elderly blood relative has as & u r pregnant & wondering @ur baby's chance of as, it is same answer, v.Unlikely. Read more...