After my scaphoid fracture is healed through the screw, can I start smoking again?

Depends. Do you want to continue to subject yourself to a high risk of emphysema, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, or would you like to avoid this increased risk. It's hard to quit smoking, but when you get older and you're very sick, you'll wish you had quit when you were younger. Stop now before the consequences become irreversible.
Scaphoid fracture. It will be nice if you stopped smoking.

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Recently healed scaphoid fracture. Still very sore. Any exercises to help strengthen?

Yes. Wrist extensions, flexion, pronation and supination resistance exercises will strengthen your wrist. Stretching of those muscle groups should restore flexibility. You may need to see a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer. Read more...

Chances for a scaphoid fracture to fully heal? Sort of cut in half but not completely, doc said it would never heal. Continually hurts. Calous on top?

If non displaced. ; diagnosed right away ; casted, there's a good chance it will heal but the length of time may b as long as 18 mos. Some hand surgeons will perform an open reduction and internal fixation (orif) ; do get faster union, but not 100%. Also casting may not heal ; need orif ;@ times bone grafting. Talk over the options with ur hand surgeon. Read more...