I have an appointment for Restylane (dermal fillers) lip injections next month. What can I expect from the procedure?

Swelling then sexy. Expect swelling for 1 to 2 days. You may also have some bruising. Once this settles, you will have fuller, sexy-looking lips. If, for some reason, you don't like the final result, Restylane (dermal fillers) can actually be reversed/dissolved. So there is no great risk and you will probably love the result.
Restylane (dermal fillers) for lips. restylane (dermal fillers) is FDA approved for lip augmentation. In experienced hands, you can expect natural looking full lips. Sometimes there can be swelling or bruising after injection. Be sure to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
You'll be. A little swollen for the first few days, perhaps with some minor bruising...And then it should settle in, and look nice. Think about the type of lip shaping you want before you go, so you can describe what you want.
Lip Plumping. You may experience some stinging from the injections while the procedure is being performed. Physicians have a variety of ways of reducing this discomfort. Afterwards you will have some swelling and bruising for a few days. When that settles down, you may have some small areas that may require a touch up for symmetry. The results of the injection can last for several months.
Some discomfort. When the areas are anesthetized prior to injection of the restylane. Later there will be swelling and bruising of the areas with mild pain that can be treated with ice and tylenol (acetaminophen).