Can you have sex if you have an artificial heart?

Yes, If you're lucky. As my old mentor would say, "if you can catch her, you can have her." always best to ask you cardiologist though before proceeding.
Difficult. One would think it difficult with a mechanical heart. However, it would depend on the condition and the mobility of the patient.

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Can you become pregnant if you have an artificial heart? Will it be bad for the baby?

Yes/No ask Specilsts. I will assume you are female.If you are fertile, conception is possible. The demands of a pregnancy on the body are many & it would likely end life for both of you.The meds you take to manage your health may also produce defects in a fetus. A frank discussion of your hopes with your treatment team is important. They can give you a better idea of your personal risks. Read more...
It is possible. If you are planning pregnancy, i strongly recommend consulting with a cardiologist and/or cardiac surgeon. You should also be followed by OB able to handle high risk pregnancy and have facilities to handle complications. This requires careful planning. If they advise you to not get pregnant, then i would take their advice and consider other options like adoption or surrogate. Please seek advice! Read more...