I had cancerous calcification on my right breasts. I also had a lumpectomy and radiation, but why is the cancer coming back?

We Wish We Knew. There is nothing more frustrating than cancer recurrence, especially when one is given a "clean bill of health" after treatment. Unfortunately, some breast cancers can recur--if its in the breast alone, a mastectomy may be necessary; if its elsewhere in the body, this requires chemotherapy. If you are unclear about this, please discuss at length with your cancer doctor. Good luck!
Many reasons. Eveniin expert hands, cancer recurs in the same breast in 6-10% of women after a lumpectomy with radiation. It is usually in the same spot, but may be a separate cancer in another part of the breast (much less common). Recurrence is higher if you are young, have an aggressive tumor (triple negative), have a large tumor, did not receive chemo or endocrine therapy, or if margins were positive.

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What are the chances of the cancer coming back if I had breast-sparing surgery with radiation?

About 1 in 12. On average, ten years after breast-sparing surgery and radiation, 1 in 12 women will have a local recurrence (a cancer that comes back in the same breast.) the good news: even if you have such a recurrence, you are no more likely to die of breast cancer than women who had a mastectomy.
Low. If you had breast sparing surgery and just radiation most likely you had early stage breast cancer with favorable factors, negative lymph nodes etc. That did not require chemotherapy. There is a good chance 80-90% chance of disease not to come back. You may also be getting anti estrogen therapy that can even improve the odds up to 95% control.

What are my chances of cancer coming back if I have breast-sparing surgery with radiation?

Depends. The risk for recurrence of breast cancer after a lumpectomy and an adjuvant radiation therapy would depend on the stage and the biology of the breast cancer (estrogen/prgesteron receptor, her2neu status, tumor size, lymph nodes involvement, k1-67 etc). Having an adjuvant radiation therapy after surgery will only reduce the risk for local recurrence of breast cancer to the same breast area. D/w md.
Depends. The risk of local recurrence following conservative surgery and radiation for breast cancer is slightly higher than with mastectomy but does not affect survival. The risk of distant relapse depends on the stage, grade, presence or absence of biological receptors and number of positive axillary nodes. Higher # of positive nodes portends higher risk of relapse which can be reduced by adjuvant tx.

Had lumpectomy last year on left breast idc stage1 grade 2/ radiation now have small invasive cancer finding on right breast. Is it time for masectomy?

Excellent question. Years ago I would have said yes. The worry is that your particular breast tissue is obviously prone to forming breast ca. However, recently there have been some studies showing improved outcome with lumpectomy and radiation vs. Mastectomy. It may be that the radiation to the breast is improving the outcome. Best to talk to your oncologist and surgeon. Http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/pdq/tre.
Have U Had BRCA? Deciding between breast conservation vs. Mastectomy is never easy in this situation. Favoring lump-x is the obvious less-invasive nature of the surgery; mastectomy gives you the piece of mind of no more mammograms & a very low risk of a 3rd breast ca. Since you have bilateral cancer beginning at 44, you should have a brca test before deciding; if (+), most would opt for mastectomy.
Possibly. Did you have brca testing? If not, you should. If brca testing shows a deleterious mutation, I would definitely recommend bilateral mastectomy. If brca is normal, mastectomy is a good option, but could still consider lumpectomy and radiation.