What are some things to do to insure that my breast reduction recovery goes smoothly?

Improve your health. Being in good health is a key to an uncomplicated recovery and excellent results. You should not smoke or be around smokers as this can impair healing. You should not be taking Aspirin or other potential blood thinners. Being close to an optimal weight will make anesthesia safer, reduce risks and ease recovery. Your plastic surgeon will provide you will with specific guidelines as well.
Choose Surgeon. Probably one of the most important decisions you make is your selection of plastic surgeon; he/she will be providing you with a list of “do's and don'ts” that will help you prepare for the procedure and recover smoothly. Best wishes.
Protect yourself. Eat a normal diet, wear supportive clothing, do not over use your chest and shoulders, and do not wear an underwire bra until normal sensation returns to your breast skin.

Related Questions

Hoping you can tell me, is breast reduction recovery extremely painful?

No. No, actually majority of patients tend to use less pain medications than those undergoing a breast augmentation.
No. Most women are able to go home after surgery the same day, and many women are off all pain medicines by 3 days after surgery. Certainly there is discomfort, but many people are able to return to work within 2 weeks.
No. Although every patient has a different experience after surgical procedures, breast reduction surgery tends to be very well tolerated. Most patients require pain medication for approximately one week after the procedure is performed. Many patients report an improvement in “symptoms” related to the disproportionately large breasts very early on after the breast reduction procedure is performed.