Help, just had breast augmentation and I have crepitus! Does this require medical attention?

Crepitus . Crepitus after breast surgery is felt in the soft tissues due to air that is inserted by the insertion of the breast implants into the tissues. It is a benign condition and may last few weeks in most cases. It is rare to puncture the lungs during the procedure but if you are having chest pain, breathing difficulties or any other symptoms it should be addressed. Let your surgeon about your crepitus.
Crepitus. Many women experience a sensation of crepitus, or a bubble-papery, crackling sensation, after breast augmentation. This results from air being pushed into the subcutaneous tissue layer during surgery. Usually this is very benign, and can be expected to resolve within one week. A very rare complication is puncture into the chest cavity. Please contact your plastic surgeon to discuss.
Usually not. Crepitus refers to air within the subcutaneous tissues. Air enters these tissues as “pockets” are created for the breast implants. This situation is transient and does not necessarily require medical attention. A very un-common complication after breast surgery is pneomothorax, a condition which may also present with crepitus. Therefore, best to report such findings to your surgeon.
Crepitus. When doing a breast augmentation surgery, a pocket is made. Some air and fluid are in the pocket with the implant. This usually will resolve without an issue. Rarely, crepitus can be a sign of a pneumothorax. Best to contact your plastic surgeon and let him/her know what is going on.
Very common. I assume you are a medical professional because this is not a layman term. It may also be referred to as subcutaneous emphysema and is quite common for 7-10 days after surgery due to air trapped in the breast pocket during implantation. Rarely lung injury may be the cause but this is usually associated with chest pain and difficulty breathing or catching your breath.
Breast Aug Crepitus. Crepitus is caused by air beneath the skin. This is very common after surgery. While it may feel achy, crepitus resolves quickly and spontaneously. Without breast augmentation, crepitus would be more concerning, as it could be a sign of air escaping the lungs internally. Let your plastic surgeon know. The incidence of lung injury with breast surgery is low, but not zero. Higher under local.
Not likely. It's normal to feel that bubbly feeling in your breasts for a few weeks after surgery. If you feel something is not going as it should call your surgeon... S/he won't mind.
Usually not. When the implant is inserted into the pocket, there is a little bit of air that remains in the tissues. Sometimes patients hear a squishy noise for the first week or two, but the air is soon re-absorbed by the body, and the issue goes away. Speak with your doctor if you have any other symptoms, like shortness of breath or rapid breathing rate.