Anyone have an effective cure for clenching your teeth in your sleep, besides mouth guard?

Stress reduction. First, a mouth guards does not cure clenching. It merely protects your teeth from the wear and tear that clenching produces. Reduction of stress can sometimes be reduced with relaxing techniques such as yoga, exercise, a walk outside in the fresh air, deep breathing exercises, a warm bath or with any hobby or other activity that you enjoy and gets your mind off the stresses of daily life.
Not really. This is a behavior that is subconscious and there is no scientifically proven method to stop it. The best treatment is the night guard.
Yes. There are numerous treatments available such as exercises, compresses, medications, behavior modification, etc., all designed to mask symptoms. Better solution would be to determine the reason you clench and treat the cause. With that in mind a custom occlusal orthotic (night guard) is the most effective symptom crutch. See your Dentist for help.
There is no cure. There is no definitive way to cure bruxism. However, a combo of stress management (CBT), stress therapy (biofeedback) and orthotic therapy can lead to an amelioration of the condition.
Possibly . Hi there, please take a look at the weblink included below. You may not have TMJ problems, but some of the suggestions in this website by the National Institute of Health may still benefit you.