I have to have surgery on my foot soon. What are some things I can do to alleviate my worries of having surgery?

Many Ways. Anxiety before surgery is to be expected. I suggest methods of relaxation such as meditation, music, exercise, sexual activity (protection), moderate use of alcohol (if ok with surgeon), family/friends support. I also ask patients to remember that objectively speaking, they should be aware that they will be safer during the time of surgery that driving on the freeway. Best wishes.
Movies. I'd recommend going to see a movie the night before the surgery and having a celebratory dinner (big dinner). Although it's a scary thought of surgery, it's also a big step to admit your fears and to celebrate conquering them.
Talk to your doctor. Ask any questions you have of your foot surgery before the procedure date. Bring up any concerns or difficulties that might interfere with your postoperative course. Give detailed medical information well before the procedure so that your surgeon can plan accordingly. And relax!