What are ways to prevent meth mouth?

Obvious Answer. 1. Don't use meth. 2. Don't use meth. 3. Don't use meth. 4. Don't use meth... 99. Stay hydrated with water. 100. Use biotene otc (increases saliva production). Meth mouth is caused by dry mouth (xerostomia) - lack of saliva. Make sure you brush and floss regularly. In addition, sugarless gum or hard candy may be helpful.
Don't do Meth. The best way to avoid meth mouth is to never take methamphetamines.

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What are the symptoms of meth mouth?

Multiple. Symptoms are characterized by severe decay and loss of teeth, as well as fracture, enamel erosion, and other oral problems symptomatic of extended use of the drug. Dry mouth (xerostomia), bruxism (tooth grinding), poor nutrition and poor dental hygiene contribute to this destructive pattern.
Lots of decay. Cavities that appear rapidly, lots of breakdown structurally.
Severe decay. Often you will see black spots around the teeth as well. Its pretty obvious when you see it (and really gross!).

How could I tell if I have meth mouth?

Rampant decay. Well for starters you need to be a meth user. Meth mouth is characterized by rampant caries or decay along the gum line and to the point where there is nothing left above the gum on some of the teeth. The chewing surfaces of molars may also be eroded away severely and cupped or hollowed out. Severe cases require removal of teeth and dentures.

Help docs! My meth mouth has ruined my life even more?

What's your question. Yes meth mouth is a serious heath problem but what is your question. If finances are an issue a dental school clinic may be a good option for treatment at low cost.
Stop using meth! Then go see dentist. Your treatment will depend on the level of destruction you have experienced. Quite frankly if you are still a meth user, dentistry is the least of your problems.

What is meth mouth?

Broken down teeth. Meth mouth is a term coined due to a characteristic presentation that a lot of meth users present with. Meth wreaks havoc on your teeth, thus many meth users present with most of their teeth being black and brown, as well as being severely broken down and cracked.
Severe cavities. Meth mouth is severely decayed teeth from methamphetamine use. Usually from dry mouth and possibly from grinding the teeth.
Meth user broken tee. A mouth with broken, worn and decayed teeth cause by a user of meth.
Generalized Cavities. Meth mouth is drugs causing the binge of foods and sweets for many hours and their is no brushing, so cavites develope everywhere in the mouth, especially at the gum lines and in between the all the teeth.
Decay. Rapid decay of the teeth (extreme) from the acid in the drug, and poor oral care from the drug addict.
Serious problem. It is the rotting away, completely decay of all the teeth from repeated abuse of methanphetamine. Capable of totaly destroying an entire dentition (all of one's teeth).
Poor oral hygiene. The methamphetamine destroys the enamel of the teeth causing the teeth to decay to the gum line. The result is the patients usually lose all their teeth.
Rotting teeth. Teeth rot away from the acid used to make the meth. Very sad to see a young person with meth mouth... Their teeth are ruined and many times the teeth cannot be saved. Teeth may need to be extracted, leading to dentures or implants.
Really nasty. Even people who take amphetamine by other routes lawfully get some breakdown of the gum tissues, but in people who inhale the smoke, it is extreme. We pathologists see too much of it among meth deaths. I believe it's due primarily to the drug constricting the blood vessels in the gums -- like a series of heart attacks, except involving the mouth; tooth-grinding, sugar, and bad hygiene contribute.

Whats "meth mouth"?

Severe dental diseas. "meth mouth" denotes several dental disease including extensive dental decay along with destruction to oral tissues due to use of methamphetamine. You can find a lot of info at http://www. Mouthhealthy. Org/en/az-topics/m/meth-mouth. Aspx.
Meth Mouth. Meth mouth is a dental condition characterized by severe decay and loss of teeth, fracture and enamel erosion. This is due to extended use of the drug methamphetamine. The cause is thought to be due to xerostomia (dry moth), bruxism (grinding), lack of proper nutrition and dental hygiene.
"Meth Mouth" is. Methamphetamine addicts are characterized by dry mouth, terrible oral hygiene, and a diet of pure sugar and highly processed foods. That causes the enamel to be dissolved quickly and crowns to fracture. Interestingly, the enamel on the tongue side is less affected. Classic "meth mouth" presents a smile with all the facial surfaces decayed...brown/black.
Meth Mouth Disease. Is a severe dental condition/disease caused by chronic dry mouth attributed to the use of methamphetamine. The first step that is a part of the treatment is to stop taking the drug.

What is "meth mouth"?

Methamphetamine mouth. Broken, discolored and rotting teeth likely because the drug causes the salivary glands to dry out, which allows the mouth's acids to eat away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities. Teeth are further damaged by grinding and poor diet and poor dental hygiene.
Meth Mouth. Meth mouth is a term for people who have had extensive tooth damage due to the abuse of methamphetamines. Many times the teeth are so damaged that they are unrestorable. The teeth usually have large cavities in them and appear black in color. Quite often this leads to early tooth loss and full upper and full lower dentures at a very young age.

How quickly does meth mouth occur. First time?

Takes several years. Askville. Amazon. Com/beginning-meth-regularly-mouth-begin... Askville question: how soon after beginning to take meth regularly does " meth mouth" begin to occur? :.
That depends. Depending on diet, level of oral hygiene, and other health issues it can happen in as little as 4 months. For other addicts it can take up to a year. Meth is a very "ugly" drug and destroys the body on many different levels. If you are a user please seek help asap to end this destructive habit.

I'm curious as to how fast does meth mouth occur?

Very fast. Just as meth speeds up the brain. It also speeds up bacterial acid production while diminishing protective saliva consistency.
That depends. Depending on diet, level of oral hygiene, and other health issues it can happen in as little as 4 months. For other addicts it can take up to a year. Meth is a very "ugly" drug and destroys the body on many different levels. If you are a user please seek help asap to end this destructive habit.