What are the best natural remedies for skincare tips for sun damaged skin, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation?

Vitamin C, Manganese. Wear a good sunblock (the most natural would be a hat. ..), keep your skin well-hydrated (liquids and moisturizer), consider topical vitamin c and/or manganese.
ACNE. At this stage, no natural remedies can help the side effects of acne scars, sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation. You need to see a dermatologist who can evaluate your problem and perhaps recommend dermabrasion or laser treatment. Good luck!

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What is the most effective over-the-counter treatment plan for controlling acne while healing minor acne scars & hyperpigmentation?

Benzoyl peroxide. It will slow new lesions but won't touch scars or hyperpigmentation. It is also only moderately effective. Nothing else over-the-counter works. Get with your physician -- despite our dysfunctional health care system, it's your best choice.

Can you suggest where I can get best ablative/non ablative laser skin treatment for acne scars?

Research. I am not sure what center is by you but my recommendation is to research places within driving distance of where you live. Get referrals from other physicians you respect and trust or patients. Then, go for a consult and see which laser is best for your needs. Hope this helps.

I have acne scar and hyper pigmentation. Where do I go to get rid of it and what type of treatment do I ask for?

Deramtologist. The vi peel is safe for any color skin and can lighten dark areas in one week. It can be pre treated with bleaching agents containing hydroquinone, kojic acid or coffeberry extract. It will have an effect on scars, but fractionated laser will be required for a long term result for scarring. Either co2 or erbium are affective, but erbium is better tolerated by darker skin types.
Laser Specialist. When acne scars are associated with inflammatory pigment, it is usually best to get the pigment under control prior to treatment of the scars. This can be done a variety of ways, using topical bleaching agents, sunscreen and light chemical peeling. Acne scars can then be treated using fillers, subcision and fractionated lasers. The choice of laser would depend on skin type and pigmentation.

I have a hyper pigmentation on my bikini like and between the thighs and acne scars and black heads. I was fat before and I lost a lot of wight. Is there a treatment for me?!

See specialist. Visit with a dermatologist or a plastics surgeon who runs an aesthetic clinic and may offer you different options for treatment. Possibly laser therapy.

I completed acutane treatment. Now I have red spots on my skin. Not acne scars. Solutions?

Time is important. When you are on accutaine you are more prone to complications of peels laser burns etc. I would advise you to show your dermatologist who wrote for the accutaine and avoid any peels or laser therapy for a good 6 months to a year! It may just be from the accutaine and resolve in the next months.

Acne on my butt. Tiny bumps/painful hard acne. Possible treatment for the acne/scars? Dark scars, craters and new skin formation. Laser/chemical peel?

Infection. Check with your private dermatologist. This sound like recurrence of small glutral abscesses leaving hard painful scars- or in fact, ongoing abscess formation. Must be visualized for diagnosis.

Is it true that the laser treatment for acne scars will stimulate the collagen in my skin? What exactly does that do?

Collagen generating. One of the best treatments for acne scarring is fractionated laser. Depending on your skin color, texture and extent of scarring there are different laser options out there. A non-ablative fractionated laser like the fraxel re:store or dual has no real downtime, but requires multiple treatments. A fractionated co2 laser is more aggressive with about a week downtime, but may give faster results.

Could a acne scar treatment cause discoloration to my facial skin? I am considering having dermabrasion done to help diminish my acne scars. A friend of mine told me that this type of acne scar treatment can cause the skin to become discolored. Is this tr

Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion does have a risk of leaving discolouration of the skin and the risk is higher if you have dark skin. A safer, and probably more effective treatment would be one of the fractionated lasers, especially the non-ablative lasers (fraxel) if you have dark skin.
Yes. Most ablative procedures could cause hyper or hypopigmentation. Treatment with platelet rich plasma, depending on what kind of acne scars you have could be a better option with lesser to no risk of hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation.
Depends how deep. Dermabrasion is not harmful than using a towel to irritate the skin. All it does is remove the dead skin off the face when done by an esthetician. If done by a physician till you get bleeding than it is very painful and will improve acne and possible cause pigmentation problems. Other modalities may be a better fit for you if you are scared. Microneedling, ipl, prp, lasers, acne creams.