Panniculitis -- what are some treatments for it?

Plastic surgery! Other than gastric bypass, lap band surgery, or diet and weight loss to decrease the bulk of your panniculus (or pannus), excess hanging abdominal apron skin cannot be exercised away. Keeping things clean, dry, and non-infected is great to try to do, but the only effective way to deal with this is surgical panniculectomy, or even better, complete or fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty. See experienced ps.
Pannus infection. A panniculus is excess fatty tissue and skin that hangs over the lower abdominal wall, related to obesity. The increased venous pressure causes the skin to look like an orange peel, swollen. The area is moist and warm, increases risk of skin infection/paniculitis. Best treatment is steady weight loss, keeping the area clean and dry, wound care if wounds develop, antibiotics for infection.
Panniculus infection. The panniculus is the mass of skin and fat that hangs off the lower abdomen. When the overlapping skin becomes moist, it can breed fungal and bacterial infections. The term for an infected or chronically irritated panniculus is panniculitis. Keeping skin clean and dry, and using medications specific to the infection can help. The definitive treatment is panniculectomy, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck.