When should I be starting solid foods?

4-6 months. Starting complementary solid foods is as much a psychological/emotional decision as it is medical. Research on food allergies shows that starting somewhere between 4-6 months may be optimal. Equally important is what you feed - start with fresh organic fruits and vegetables if you can.
4 months and up. Current recommendations are to start your baby on solid foods, rice cereal being a good first choice, at any age after approximately 4 months but no later than 6 months.

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When should I start giving my baby solid foods?

4 months. Typically infants can start solids at 4 months old. This includes stage 1 and 2 baby foods, dry powdered cereals or homemade purees. The order you introduce new foods is not important as long as you wait 2-3 days between new foods. No honey under 1 year old. Read more...
6 months. Age 6 months is the usual time to start solid foods. If a parent really wants to try sooner, he can try giving baby cereal at 4 or 5 months, but some babies' tongue movements and swallowing coordination are not ready for solid foods until age 6 months. Read more...