How much vitamin D3 should be given to individuals afflicted with an autoimmune disease?

Vitamin D. Your doctor can check a vitamin d3 level in your blood. Your blood level will determine how much vit d3 supplementation you will need. The levels can be followed as needed.

Related Questions

Can deficiency of vitamin D cause autoimmune diseases?

Good question. Vit D3 is considered important in immune regulation. Thus theoretically, the answer is yes, but in reality, no such association has been proven.

In which autoimmune diseases/disorders do you find dysfunction of the "vitamin d receptor"?

Potentially many. There are in fact many autoimmune diseases which have vitamin d dysfunction associated with them. Lupus is the most common one, but others are also seen. A publication on this topic is quite good, although technical: rheumatology. 2012 apr;51 (4):644-52. Hope this will help you.