Are there other organs you can donate as a living donor other than kidneys?

Think of tissue. The other tissue that you can easily donate is blood. Many people excitedly sign organ donor cards while failing to capitalize on regular blood donation. You can donate about once every two months for whole blood. This is a life saving donation. Please consider blood donation as part of your giving to society.
Yes. You can donate part of you liver and in a few occasions part of your lung. There are some reports of small bowel and pancreas also.
Others include: Liver, pancreas and small bowel can all be donated by live donors though only live donor liver transplants are performed with any regularity and none approaches the frequency of live donor kidney transplantation.
Parts of others. A portion of the liver or lung can be donated. In the past, a portion of the pancreas has been removed from living donors, but this is not commonly performed. The possibility of using a portion of the small intestine from a living donor may become a more commonly performed procedure in the future.