What is scar revision in forehead?

Excision of old scar. A scar revision involves an excision of the old scar, and reapproximation to try and achieve an improved cosmetic or functional result. Scar tension may also be redirected in the case of contracture or tethering, with different surgical techniques (e.g. Z-plasty) to help revise a scar on the forehead or other areas of the face and body.
Forehead Scars. The forehead is an excellent area for scar revision, but it does have some limitations. Scars tend to depress in the forehead, so in addition to standard scar revision techniques care must be taken to insure a strong subcutaneous bed. Care must also be taken to avoid injury to the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves: injury to these can cause numbness to large areas of the forehead.