Is there a way to treat inverted nipples?

Yes. First have an evaluation by a breast surgeon to ensure there is no underlying malignant pathology causing the inversion. This may include a physical exam and breast imaging. If there is no suspicious findings, the inverted nipple(s) can be corrected by a plastic surgeon. Make an appointment to discuss it with him/her.

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Are inverted nipples treatable?

Inverted nipples. Surgical correction of inverted nipples is possible but that could negatively affect a woman's ability to breast feed. Read more...

What can I do to treat a mild case of inverted nipples?

Syringe suction. After cutting off the narrow end of the syringe, have mother moisten the smooth ( the larger hole) end of a syringe and apply it to her inverted nipple. Then she should gently pull the plunger out for 30 sec to 1 min creating suction to draw the nipple out. This should be repeated several times a day before the baby is born. Read more...