What is pulpectomy?

Pulpectomy is the... Removal of the dental pulp, including that in the roots.
Removal of all pulp. A pulpectomy is when all the tooth pulp is removed including the coronal pulp and the pulp in the roots. This is done during a root canal and then the empty space left in the tooth is filled and sealed. A pulpectomy is also done as an emergency treatment for a toothache and then a temporary filling is placed. The tooth must later have a completed root canal.
Partial root canal. A pulpectomy is also known as a partial root canal. It's when all the pulp in your tooth is removed. Usually this is performed on children.

Related Questions

What is pulpectomy done for?

Get you out of pain. On adult teeth a pulpotomy is kind of the start of a root canal. It is a stop before getting the full root canal. It serves to get you out of pain until you can do the procedure which is delayed because of $$$ or an infection. On a baby tooth it is to "fix" a tooth and the fill it so it maintains the save for the permanent one to come in.
A pulpectomy. Is the complete removal of the nerve from within the tooth. It is sometimes done as a 2 stage, if the entire procedure (pulpectomy, debridement - cleaning and shaping and obturation - filling) cannot be completed in one appointment for whatever reason -- infection, time constraint, to get a patient out of immediate pain. ..

What is the differance between pulpectomy & pulpetomy?

Pulpectomy vs. Pulpotomy. The pulp of a tooth is nerves, tiny blood vessels and connective tissue that is located in the center of the tooth. There is coronal and radicular (root) parts of the pulp. Pulpotomy is a removal only coronal pulp, whereas pulpectomy is a removal of necrotic pulp tissue followed by filling the root canals. Pulpotomy is also done for young permanent teeth for root apexification.
Difference. Usually pertain to baby teeth. Pulpotomy is removal of entire infected "nerve" of tooth and replacement with a resorbable filling. Pulpectomy is removal of part of nerve, leaving I infected part, and sealing with a medicated dressing.

Dentist saying we must do pulpectomy. What is it?

Nerve removal. If this is a adult tooth it is the beginning stage of a root canal. If this is a baby or primary tooth, it is same with less nerve to remove. Pulpectomy is the removal of pulp tissue (blood vessels and nerve) from inside s tooth.
Cleans out pulp... Teeth have 3 layers, enamel, dentin, and pulp. The pulp is hollow within a tooth and the nerve resides within the pulp. During a pulpectomy, the dentist cleans out the pulp and removes the nerve in the process. In contrast, a root canal treatment takes this process further and fills the pulp chamber/canals with a filling material.