Are there advantages to a heart valve replacement over a heart transplant?

Yes. A heart valve replacement does not require a new heart from a deceased individual, and does not create the need for lifelong immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection of the heart.
Yes. Heart valves are not rejected, and the patient does not require life long immunosuppression as with a transplanted organ.

Related Questions

I have tetralogy of fallout. Is a heart valve replacement is necessary?

Case specific. If your cardiologist and cardiac surgeon advised you to replace a valve obviously it is necessary based on their knowledge of your case. Without actually studying your echo, cardiac cath hemodynamic data, can not have an opinion about your valve issues.

How can they do a heart valve replacement?

Carefully. Usually there will be scalpel used in the process, but sometimes, not. - a catheter may be used for some.

What do you recommend if I had a heart cath today and dr. Said I need a heart valve replacement. What heart valve?

Not so simple. Usual options are mechanical or tissue valve. Life long blood thinners are usually needed with the former, and the latter may need a redo operation in 10-20 years. Other issues are; how active are you? Can you take blood thinners? Which valve is it; Aortic, mitral, tricuspid, pulmonic? A review of your records with a cardiac surgeon is recommended.

How risky is a heart valve replacement surgery on an obese person?

Increased if very. Obesity may complicate not only the mechanics of the surgery, but the anesthetic, respiratory and healing processes after such major open heart surgery. The risks go up with severity of obesity and if obesity related conditions like diabetes or sleep apnea are present. Transcatheter valve procedures can minimize the risk, but are less widely available and applicable.
Heart valve. Hard to give a number, but being obese definitely increases your risk during and after heart valve surgery.

Can I have a heart valve replacement if I have dental implants?

Possibly. It is very possible, but you must consult with your cardiologist first!
Yes. There is no reason that a well placed dental implant should be a reason to contraindicate cardiac surgery. Speak to your dentist and have him make sure that the implant is healthy.
Yes. Most dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium. After the implant has integrated into bone, only peri-implantitis (infection of the gum tissue around the implant) might cause an implant failure.
Yes. No contraindication for this. Be sure to get dental clearance before your planned surgery. Good luck.

If I'm having a heart valve replacement do I have the right to insist on a tissue valve or mechanical valve?

Absolutely. Your doctor hopefully will apprise you of the risks/benefits of both valve types. You as the patient, armed with that advise, can make the decision. Often times, your doctor will recommend one over the other, but again, you make the final decision.
Sort of. You can discuss the 2 types of valves with your surgeon and even tell them what your preference is. If the surgeon disagrees you can see a different surgeon for a different opinion. It is possible you would find someone who would put the other type in. You cannot however demand a surgeon do a particular procedure or use a particular device if they don't think it is indicated.