Is taking herceptin (trastuzumab) better during or after chemotherapy?

Depends on the chemo. Herceptin should not be given in combination with adraimycin. It would increase the risk of heart toxicity. We do commonly give Herceptin in combination with other drugs like Carboplatin and taxotere, or paclitaxol in an adjuvant setting. Herceptin alone is done to complete 1 year of treatment. In the setting of advanced disease we give it in combination with drugs like Xeloda and navelbine (vinorelbine).

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What are the effects of long term use of chemotherapy and herceptin (trastuzumab)?

Eventual failure. Long term chemotherapy eventaully fails. In breast cancer there is a long term response but no cure. In her3neu patients there is a 3 month improvement but adding drugs like Taxol (paclitaxel) increases response to at least 8 months. Read more...