What can cause nipple discharge & irregular periods?

See below. Purchase a home pregnancy test. They turn positive by the time you'd start your next expected period. If negative, repeat in 1 week and call your doctor.

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Irregular periods > 1 year, orange nipple discharge 6mos, &self-diagnosed fibrocystic breasts 6mos. Quit breastfeeding 1.5 yrs ago. What's happening?

Failure to ovulate. Irregular periods usually are because of irregular or unpredictable ovulation, also known as pcos, which is an acronym for polycystic ovarian syndrome. In your particlular case, pregnancy needs to be ruled out and you probably need to see your health care providet to make obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan. About 1% of patients with your symptoms would have an elevated prolactin causing this.

My period is 4 days late, pregnany test negative, sore nipples, white discharge one day, very rarely have irregular periods. I am a 28 cycle generally?

Recheck test soon. I think you can proceed in two ways. It would be perfectly reasonable to see your doctor in next day or two for a breast exam and more detailed blood test to check pregnancy or you can wait a few more days and recheck a home pregnancy test to make sure it is negative- you may still be a bit too early. If there is any doubt, see your doctor.

In test iam not pregnant but iam having the symptoms like irregular periods, backache, white discharge, stomach pain and nipple pain. Am I pregnant?

Trust the test. If your pregnancy tests are negative then you are not pregnant. Since you are having so many different gynecological problems it is probably best to schedule a visit and begin to evaluate each one to determine the cause.

Nipple discharge happens around my period. What does this mean?

Likely normal. As long as the discharge is not bloody and comes out of both nipples, it is likely physiologic, a normal body process. Before our menstrual cycle begins, our bodies retain fluid which is why most women feel heavier, their breasts hurt. In some women, a small amount of nipple discharge also occurs because of excess fluid in the ducts.

Hello. I'm 20, female. And I started having nipple Discharge on April 20th. It's from both nipples buy mainly my left. It's a watery milky consistency. I just had my period on April 14 - 17.

Galactorrhea. Check all Rxs and recreation drugs and herbals for being implicated in Glalctorrhea & stop any that are. Get pituitary hormones, thyroid, basic metabolic panel and UA done. Can be benign and due to sexual overstimulation but rule out other causes 1st.