What is modified weaver-dunn reconstruction?

Second Opinion. If you have a persistently symptomatic ac separation get a second opinion with a shoulder surgeon. The weaver dunn is just one option for addressing this issue and you should familiarize yourself with the available options and results. Learn more here: http://theshouldercenter.Com/separated-shoulder.Htm.
Repair. After a grade 4 (or sometimes even a grade 3) shoulder separation, the relationship between the clavicle (collar bone) and another bone of the shoulder (acromion) has been severely altered and is unstable. This procedure returns the bones to their normal relationship and uses various techniques to reconstruct some ruptured ligaments that provide stability.
Shoulder operation. The modifiedweaver dunn operation is done to correct a dislocated ac (acromioclavicular) joint. In a ac joint separation the coracoclavicular ligament is torn and the clavicle tends to pop up. The w-d operation involves transferring the acromioclavicular ligament from the acromion (in front of the shoulder) down to the coracoid (below the clavicle) to pull the clavicle down and keep it in place.