I think I can't walk because of my talus fracture. I hate my life. What should I do?

Get it treated! If you have any kind of fracture of the talus, see a doctor and get it treated. There is always something that can be done. In more severe or long-standing cases, surgery may be required. You are too young to have to suffer with this kind of pain. A doctor may be able to help you tremendously.
See specialist. Is your fracture not healing or has it healed in a bad position? If bone hasnt healed you may need a bone stimulator. Get ct scan and see foot specialist would be my advise. Sometimes supporting with orthotic arch supports can help alot.
Talus fractures. Can be a real pain and difficult to deal with for most as you are not allowed to walk during the healing process. Understand there are many people going thru what you are. It is very frustrating. You need to see the bigger picture and realize that there are people who don't have legs and realize this is just a hurdle you have to get over. Ask your dr for a refer to a psychiatrist, they are helpful.