Can lung cyst is curable 100% in india.....?

Thoracic surgeon. If there is one cyst, it may be related to infection or a congenital abnormality. VATS can be used in some cases depending on the location. An imaging study would be helpful. My email address is: If an infection is suspected,bronchial washings may help to determine the cause, and antibiotics may be given iv.
Yes. Sometimes cysts in the lung are removed surgically which results in cure. Send a copy of your chest x-ray if possible.

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Felt a "pop" by spinal cord & air release w/severe pain. Er diagnosis lung cyst rupture. I have lam (lymphangioleiomyomatosis). How long to heal? So painful!

LAM. Spontaneous pneumothoraces are not uncommon in patients with lam. Unfortunately, it is a recurrent problem. The time to heal will depend on the severity or the size of the pneumothorax which will determine whether a chest tube is needed or not. Read more...