I would like to do a tubal reversal. I was inserted the falope ring. No cut no burn. Is there anyway I can get a reversal? And how much? I am 37.

Yes. Yes, fallope ring can generally be reversed. The cost depends on the center. Generally cost is $5000-$10000 and mostly not covered by insurance. Calling the fertility center to inquire is a good idea.
Yes, but expensive. It is possible to have the tube reconcted but the longer since the ligation, the less chance of success. Also, it is highly surgeon-dependent as well. The procedure takes much longer to reverse comparing to the ligation. In addition, it is not reimbursable and so you likely have to foot the bill (i would guess 6 to 10g). If u r considering, consult doc and look for experienced surgeon. Good luck.
Yes. . This reversal had a high chance of success because non of the tubes was removed. See an infertility specialist.