What is the best way to lower my risk of atherosclerosis.?

Atherosclerosis. diet, aerobic activities several times per week, drinking water 8-10 glasses per day, cessation of smoking. I control of risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, and high uric acid levels.
Eat like a diabetic. Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease process. It is caused by all of the same mechanisms that are caused by cellular Insulin resistance, the precursor to type ii diabetes. Regular, aerobic type exercise lowers Insulin resistance, do 30-45 mins. Every other day. Avoid the simple carbohydrates, like sugar, sweets, processed flours and white rice. Check out the south beach diet for more help.
Minimize the Drivers. Lipoproteins (not cholesterol) are the primary driver of atherosclerosis. Maintaining very low concentrations of low density lipoproteins plus high concentrations of the 2 largest of the 5 groups of high density lipoproteins, along with low normal blood sugar & bp, not smoking, staying physically active, handling stress well, recognizing your primary physician as yourself, not someone else, etc.