I had one seizure which is how we found out I had a benign meningioma. Been on keppra (levetiracetam) for 1 yr. What is recommended schedule to wean off?

Tough answer. . There are many factors for you and your neurologist to consider before discussing a medication taper. First, if the meningioma is still there, you'll continue to be at risk for seizures. If the meningioma was removed, repeat eeg's would also need to be performed to look at your potential risk for future seizures. After that, your neurologist may consider tapering you off.
May be unrelated. There may not be a cause and effect relation between the seizure and the meningioma. It may have been an incidental finding on the MRI that is not related to the cause for the seizure. Many patients are able to wean off medication once they have remained seizure free for two years. Discuss these issues with your doctor. Exact weaning method is in his hands.