Ms, how to naturally treat it?

Multiple Sclerosis. Is an autoimmune disorder of the nervous system immune cells attack and destroy the fatty sheath of nerve cells. I am unaware of any natural treatments or remedies that have substantially improved patients with this disease. Ask your neurologist for further information.
Part of MS Rx. Part of the treatment for MS should be regular aerobic exercise, nutrition / vitamin D supplementation, and avoidance of infections. Some providers claim that special diet plans help. For now, these should be considered a helpful component of therapy, not a substitute for medication.
Does NOT work well. Would not recommend that you avoid MS meds, as the risk is far too high. Alternative approaches include low fat/low salt diets, vitamin D-3 supplementation, aerobic exercise, stress management, avoidance of smoking, and of course, a high potency MS medication.
See an MD. You have experienced a substantial trauma. Please go to your primary care doctor to be evaluated. If you cannot be seen by your primary go to the emergency department to make sure that you do not have any injuries that could become serious in a delayed fashion.