Is it normal to have a swollen left foot after a ACL repair?

Possibly. Assuming that surgery was performed on your left knee, it is not unusual to have dependent swelling in the same limb. Inform your surgeon.
It depends. Sometimes after surgery, fluid used to inflate the knee during the arthroscopy or edema fluid from inflammation can gradually work its way down to the foot and ankle and cause swelling there. More concerning is that you might have a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis (dvt). This is a serious problem that can be fatal and should be ruled out with an ultrasound exam.

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I had acl reconstruction and meniscus repair. Pain and swelling in knee was typical. No swelling at all in foot until ten days later. Is this normal?

Yes and no. It is not terribly uncommon for patients who have knee surgery to have swelling that then begins to track down into the ankle and foot. That being said, there are also people who have knee surgery that develop a blood clot, which can potentially be life threatening. So I would let your surgeon know immediately and follow his recommendations about whether your postoperative course is appropriate. Read more...