I am 42years. Accountant. Weight 71 kgs. & height 5'3". Suffuring from gallbladder stones. How can I burn my fat cells & dissolve the gallstone?

Surgery option. Gallstones can't easily be dissolved. The advanced of laparoscopy make gallbladder surgery an outpt procedure with low risk of complication. So if you suffer from gallbladder disease, i recommend seeing a general surgeon for possible gallbladder removal.
No Such Pill 4 Both. The standard rx for symptomatic gallstones is gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy), since dissolution therapy (lithotripsy, actigall) will only temporize matters--the stones will return as long as you still have a gallbladder. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to burning fat cells--diet and exercise are the only effective ways to accomplish that.