Is leaser liposuction a good way to loose weight?

Liposuction. No. Liposuction, regardless of how it is assisted (LASER, Ultrasound, etc.) is not a weight loss measure. It is only for body contouring and not generally recommended for BMI> 30.
Not really. Liposuction is best for localized areas of fat deposits on a patient with a bmi less than 30. Liposuction is generally not used as a technique for bmi reduction.
Absolutely Not. Liposuction surgery is not indicated for patients who are overweight. Generally speaking, the “ideal” candidate for liposuction surgery is a healthy person with localized diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue with good quality overlying skin elasticity.
No. Liposuction is not a good substitute for diet and exercise. The amount of fat removed in this procedure is usually not enough to result in substantial weight loss.
No. Laser liposuction is better used for body 'sculpting' - to improve shape and contour, and to eliminate localized fat deposits. To keep within safe limits, large enough amounts of fat removal are rarely possible to achieve significant weight loss. Instead, consider this procedure when your weight is stable and close to your desired weight, but you have certain areas to improve upon.
NO! Laser or any kind of liposuction is not a weight loss treatment; it is used for removing or sculpting localized fat deposits in someone who is at or near ideal weight. The most that can be removed in any session is usually less than 11 pounds. Lose weight first, then contour and shape what remains!