I don't smile or have any expression on my face any more I feel sad and lonely most of the times and is hard to speak up to anybody about anything I have always been like this since I remember have I been depressed all the time?

There's Hope. People with similar signs and symptoms often find that treatment is very helpful, often counseling and possibly also medical therapy. Symptoms like these deserve a full evaluation in person by your health care provider. Treatment can be very effective. It is worth getting checked out. You might have an underlying physical problem, so that possibility needs to be looked at as well.
Could be Dysthymia. You describe a type of depression called dysthymic disorder. It involves long lasting, chronic symptoms that keep one from functioning well or feeling good. Many people with dysthymia also experience aome major depressive episodes at some time in their lives. Symptoms vary over time. Treatments include medicine (anti-depressants), counseling and support groups. You should seek help soon.
Dysthymia? U need to see a mh professional for med management and. Psychotherapy .