Pediatricians and ent's peds only. Is it common to see vomitting with ear infections in a 3 year old?

Ear infections. If there is increased pressure in the middle ear space (which there usually is with an ear infection) then the children can have vomiting. If the vomiting is persistent, he/she's complaining of headache, if there is fever that won't go away after 2-3 days, or he/she very sleepy bring him/her in to see your doctor. Trust your mom instinct - if he/she's not right bring him/her in.
Yes! Vomiting is not an uncommon symptom that can occur with an ear infection. In younger children, it may be the only sign of the infection.
Absolutely. Infections are common at that age, especially if they are in preschool. Often they involve viruses that affect many body systems. Often the only abnormal finding on exam is a red ear. Ear infections can spread to inner ear or even brain with very serious consequence. Often oral medications do not stay down, and IV treatment is necessary. You need to discuss these issues with your doctor.

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