How long does a shoulder arthroscopy procedure take?

It depends. There are different types of arthroscopic shoulder procedures like subacromial decompression, labral repair, rotator cuff repair, to name a few. Most take less than an hour to an hour, but more complex procedures or procedures on patients who have a large body habitus typically take longer.
Depends. Usually anywhere from 30 min to 3 hrs depending upon the amount of pathology being addressed by the surgery.
It varies. Depending on the injury that needs repairing, the skill of the surgeon, and the thoroughness of repair. A shoulder arthroscopy for a rotator cuff repair takes me 35-45 minutes of surgery time to complete the entire procedure. Some people it takes 3 hrs. Seek out a shoulder specialist. Get their opinion. Ask how many surgeries they do. Ask if they make incisions or do it all with the camera.
Shoulder arthroscopy. Surgery for a routine diagnostic scope with a labral repair may take about an hour, a rotator cuff tear depending on complexity may take 1-2 hours.
Shoulder arthroscopy. The time for a shoulder arthroscopy depends on the reason for the surgery. It can take anywhe from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on what is done.
Highly Variable. Shoulder arthroscopy is just a general term and it really depends on the exact diagnosis and procedure(s) performed. This also greatly depends on the level of surgeon skill, experience, etc. Learn more here: http://www.Theshouldercenter.Com/shoulder-specialist.Htm.

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How long would it take before I have full range of motion again following shoulder arthroscopy?

Shoulder return. All depends on procedure and underlying diagnosis...Rotator cuff repair may take at least 6 months from surgery; labral repair 4-5 months; routine bursectomy and decompression 8 weeks. Read more...
Diagnosis? It's important to first start with the diagnosis and the reasons you are contemplating having a shoulder operation. For any repairs we perform, we ask patients to avoid active upright use of the surgical arm for 12 weeks after surgery. Patients are asked get their motion back in a passive (help with other hand only), then active assist and active but in the supine position to protect repairs. Read more...

I'm having shoulder arthroscopy and would like to know if I can take phentermine up until the day before the surgery.

Depends. I would check with the anesthesiologist doing your surgery. If you call the center you are having surgery at, you can typically talk to the team doing your surgery to ask those questions. If not, have your Orthopedic physician's office call them. Read more...