Can fibromyalgia get worse over time?

Yes....but. Most of my patients stabilize and thru multiple modalities actually improve. Check out dr. Teitelbaum's data . He actually claims cure and or marked improvement with his protocol which attacks both fms and chronic fatigue (cfs. ) hope this helps. If you have other questions get in touch. Another great book is "the fibromyalgia handbook" by staranyl and copeland.
Yes. Can fibromyalgia (FM) worsen? Yes. Major co-factors are global loss of muscle tone, obesity & loose pelvic ligaments. Inactivity, multiple childbirths, additional mechanical injuries, weight, depression & restless sleep conjoin to worsen chronic myalgia & fatigue. FM symptoms signal worsening intensity of multiple co-factors. In a curious fashion, FM begets itself via a downward etiologic spiral.
Fibromyalgia . Yes but it can also get better w good therapy and a good attitude.