Hello there, I hav this rapid swelling of my nose since 2 years, did rhinoplasty but re-occured again! My nose is growing day by day? Wat can it be?

Nasal abscess. I have seen a cold abscess cause prolonged swelling or enlargement of nose. If the swelling is seen and confirmed by your surgeon, you might need an MRI or ct scan to further diagnose the problem.
Nose growing. You must consult with your surgeon. However, if the nose is growing quickly it may be infection (if rapid and painful), build up of scar tissue (more gradual, not painful), or slowly deforming nasal tip cartilages creating the illusion of a "growing nose" (very slow rate of change usually measured in years). Your surgeon should be able to clear this up for you.
Sounds unusual. But the best person to ask is your surgeon. This is not at all normal and should be evaluated.