When I walk, I feel a pop about halfway between my heel and my toes, towards the outside of my foot. Any ideas what this could be?

Inflammation or Fx. You could just have inflammation. Have you done any repetitive activities that may have made this worse? Have you had any trauma? You may need an x ray. You should see a podiatrist.

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Very painful spot on the outer side of my foot, down towards the sole. A burning pain that increases when I stand or walk. Ideas?

All Pain No Gain. This sounds like what's called a"plantar wart,"which is a wart on the foot(usually on the sole of the foot)that can be painful due to the constant pressure on it from walking. Sometimes they go away on their own but more often they should be removed by various methods if it doesn't after a month or two. Now, it could be something else, so if the pain is increasing or that spot expands,see your doc. Read more...