The doctor thinks it's vascular dementia. What is this?

Not Alzheimer's. Vascular dementia is also called multi-infarct dementia. It can be the result of many mini strokes in different parts of the brain. Also other restriction of blood flow to the brain can be the cause. Memory and other cognitive abilities are affected, depending on where the damage occurs.
SPEAK WITH THE DOC. There are many reasons for memory loss. Often everyone thinks of alzheimer but there are other cause like alcoholism, head injuryand vascular meaning related to the veins and arteries. A vascular dementia means that there have been many small strokes that have lead to death of the brain tissue. After a period of time there can definitely be signs and symptoms of memory loss along with other.
Blood Pressure . It is important to monitor blood pressure in family members as vascular dementia is commonly caused by poorly treated blood pressure...

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She does have blockage in her neck he is thinking vascular dementia. What is this?

A type of dementia. Vd differs from alzheimer's in that it may have a sudden onset and stabilize there or only advance with further vascular incidents. The signs might not be memory, but loss of function of the area injured by the 'stroke'. Ask the doctor to explain what he means so you and she can both understand if possible. Good luck. Read more...